Designed and built around features that help you keep moving with minimal downtime. Travel Logs will help you easily track all your trips with little or no user interaction needed.

Automatic Start/Stop Assistance

Travel Logs is built with various automated features to help you record trips with minimal user interaction.

Places (Geo-fenced locations)


A place can be your home, work or frequent client address. Travel Logs can automatically start and end trips when you depart or arrive at an assigned place. This all happens without you needing to open the app. This feature is best for auto starting/stopping trips when they either depart or arrive at the specified location.

Places + Bluetooth (Combined)


You can also use the Places feature along with a Bluetooth device better suit your needs. This feature is best for auto start/stopping trips when they either depart or arrive at the specified location and is also connected to the specified bluetooth device. This feature is designed for locations that you may depart/arrive using various transport options that you don’t always want to track (i.e walking out of the office for lunch).

Bluetooth Devices (Hands-free or speakers)


Automatically start and stop trips when connected to your vehicle's bluetooth hands-free device. This feature is best for auto starting/stopping all trips when the iPhone is connected the bluetooth device, regardless of the location.

NFC Tags


Create NFC tags to automatically start or stop trips for your vehicle. Simply just tap your iPhone over the assigned NFC tag and then tap to start or stop the trip. This feature requires you to have blank writeable NFC tags to assign.

Automatic Data Entry

Entering information for your trips can be very time consuming, but with Travel Logs, almost all of the information can be automatically entered in for you. Information such as start and ending odometer values can be filled in automatically with the trip starts and stops. Location information such as addresses and date/time is also captured when the trip starts and stops, all automatically.

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